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We are so lucky to live in beautiful Southern California, with its warm weather and stunning sights. The balmy temperatures are naturally soothing for pain, and the climate makes it easy to exercise and be active. A-1 Home Care provide in home Caregivers for those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis , Gout, Juvenile Arthritis or Osteoarthritis conditions. We offer live in care, 24 hour care, round the clock care, respite care, after surgery care and hourly care. Our at home Caregivers and Home Health Aides work with elderly clients of various physical states, adapting to the level of care that you require. Many seniors with arthritis have trouble with their mobility and pain, particularly during the mornings.

To improve the quality of your life, A-1 Home care can arrange a Home Care Professional or Companion to perform at home care activities such as: personal hygiene, medication supervision, preparing well-balanced meals, light housecleaning, laundry, provide transportation to doctor’s offices or social events, physical therapy or supervision while swimming and more. A-1 Home Care operates with respect for your well-being and privacy. We are Shield Accredited and members of the National Care Planning Council. We are proud member of Pasadena Chamber, Newport Beach Chamber, Torrance Chamber and Santa Fe Springs Chamber. Our live intake coordinators are happy to receive your call 24 hours a day.

A-1 Home Care Caregivers’ provide proactive Arthritis Care
Are you a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis and tired of taking numerous medications to deal with pain? Our Elder Caregivers or Senior Home Health Aides are able to prepare a healthy diet so you can have a lifestyle that will help soothe you arthritic pain naturally. Our Nurse Assistants work hard to facilitate a happy lifestyle and improve your quality of life. We understand that living with inflamed joints and stiffness is frustrating enough, without the added annoyance of having to take multitudes of toxic pills for pain relief. With the permission of your primary care physician, our A-1 Home Care can work with you to create holistic arthritis therapies. These include:

Natural Salt Baths: Sea bathing has been done for centuries as a natural remedy for joint pain. When this is not possible, a simple salt bath will do. Thirty minutes in a warm bath with a cup of salt is known to regenerate tissue and strengthen bones. Iodine, which is found in salt, is absorbed through the pores and works to naturally rid the body of pain causing toxins. A-1 Home Care will provide excellent in homecare services.

Vitamin therapy: A depletion of essential vitamins in senior bodies impairs the body’s natural ability to fight off degeneration. In addition, Vitamin E helps lubricate joints and Vitamin A, C, D and Calcium are absorbed in the body to fend off pain. A-1 Home Care provide non-medical in home care services.

Healthy Homemade Meals: Lack of proper nutrition is a common reason why elderly people do not function at top ability. Our Home Care Professionals can create well balanced, low sodium, low fat meals for a healthy body.

Fresh Juice Breakfasts: Raw vegetable and fruit juices have been used for centuries as a solution for Arthritis. Pineapple juice facilitates digestion and is a natural anti-inflammatory remedy. Aloe Vera, black cherry, celery and raw potato also work wonderfully to relieve joint pain.

Light Exercise and Physical Therapy: Our Home care Professionals can observe your ongoing physical therapy sessions and perform the movements at home. Light exercise is also recommended for arthritis patients, as movement strengthens the bones and loss of fat (which stores toxins) improves the condition.

A-1 Home Care is happy to work with you to create a care plan fit to your caregiving needs. Our affordable homecare services have rendered us a trusted name in Senior Care and Elder Care across Southern California and we have thousands of testimonials from clients expressing their satisfaction with our caregiver services. We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured and have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We look forward to speaking with you to organize a happier, healthier life with our Arthritis Care Services

Famous Sufferers of Arthritic Diseases
Arthritis attacks people of all ages, including some high profile celebrities. Famous arthritic patients include Actor James Coburn, actress Kathleen Turner, golfer Phil Mickelson, actor and bodybuilder Dave Prowse, skater Dorothy Hamill and actress Lucille Ball. Arthritis is a common disorder but doesn’t necessarily have to prevent you from achieving your best. A-1 Home Care can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide much needed help around the house to make sure you do your best while living with arthritis. Our Caregivers are available for same day or next day service.

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Jean S. of Yorba Linda, CA say's:

The service from A-1 Home Care Agency is incredible, It is 1000 times better than expected. Del, Suzie and the entire staff at A-1 Home Care Agency have been truly amazing. Del and Suzie are constantly working and supervising my Mother. I am going to be carrying around the number to your agency so that i can refer your service to anyone in need of great in-homecare services.